Managed Data Visualised Insights

We create bespoke data visualisation platforms for clients who demand a complete picture of their critical data, delivered in real-time and without compromise

Managed and maintained by our in-house team for you .

Who are Intelligence22?

Intelligence22 is a fast-growing data and technology company based in Manchester, England. We create bespoke data visualisation platforms for clients who demand a complete picture of their critical data, delivered in real-time and without compromise.

We are a people-first organisation with the best developers and support staff providing cloud-first platforms built to our clients unique specifications. Our products allow organisations to see all offline and online business and marketing data from within their organisation and from their key partners and suppliers without the need for external connectors. Intelligence22 platforms allow cross-collaboration with external and internal users all in one place.

We are a part of The Freethinking Group - which also owns leading independent media agency Republic of Media, and programmatic trading business Rommatic - and are trusted by major PLCs, agencies and small businesses alike to provide the most complete data picture in the world.










Website analytics

Amazon web services

Out of home

Linear TV

On Demand

Custom data sets

Missing something?

We can build integrations on demand, so just let us know

Live data

Our platform will allow you select any date range from your data, you can analyse post campaigns or monitor an inflight campaign. Historical data can provide a real advantage when it comes to planning upcoming media activity, all teams will be able to discover hidden insights via live data visualisations

Live data image

Commentary centre

Commentary Centre – Inside our reports platform, you will able to add commentary that you discover throughout your platform and allow you to share and collaborate with teammates about interesting finds

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Using our annotations feature enables any user across multiple internal & external teams to annotate a timestamp with information that could affect the data you are viewing

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Interactive visualisations

Your platform will include interactive visuals for you and your team to manipulate your data, highlight key points or interest and export that custom visual into a pdf for offline use

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Dark mode

You can now navigate throughout our platform using a theme of your choice. Dark Mode ensures that you can adjust the platform theme, providing you with better viewing experience in a low-light environment

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Our permissions system has been designed to give you full control of who can access your data and only give access to the right people

My Company

Create and define permissions for your entire business

My department

As required, create additional permissions for each team within your business

My team member

Manage permissions down to specific named individuals

My external agency

And grant specific permissions for external agencies, clients or suppliers

Support Services

We offer a wide range of ongoing support services via email and phone, giving you total peace of mind that support is always on hand. You will also get access to a comprehensive online help guide, whilst monthly review sessions will be scheduled to help us ensure you're getting the most from their system

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Reduce the cost and complexity of using multiple solutions for reporting. Use one platform that scales as your company does, no need to upgrade

Automatic upgrades

Any core upgrade we do will be automatically added to your account

Grows as you grow

Our platform is designed to scale with your growth

Large data sets

Larger data sets require increased performance and this is all managed by our auto-scaling cloud first architecture

Security & Backup

Designed and structured to deal with data protection and privacy around your datasets

Fully Managed Service

Intelligence22 does all the hard work for you - setup, integration, on-boarding, training, customisation

Website Analytics
Google Sheets
Digital Channel Performance Data
Sales Databases
Offline Media Channel Data
Call Logs
Social Media Analytics
CSV files
Cloudbased Storage
Support Services
Expert Onboarding
Bespoke Custom Intergrations

Intelligence22 allows you to combine all your media data into a single view. And then, using our highly intuitive and customisable dashboard, you can produce dazzling MI and BI reports in seconds.

We will help to onboard you, set up your data streams, and help you to unify them. And then we offer contiual support - but we're sure you won't need much! The service is designed to be extremely easy to use

Intelligence22 in numbers


Hours per week saved by each exec using our service


Over 2 million rows of data processed every month


Rich, interactive chart types available, with more added regularly


Integrated data sources, with an option to add custom sources just for you

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