Bringing marketing intelligence together

Intelligence22 picks up all the marketing data you need and delivers it in a single, powerful platform.

Make your message connect across all channels, using Business Intelligence that's genuinely smart.

Why Intelligence22?

We are a data visualisation platform for marketeers

We built Intelligence22 because of our own frustrations. We got tired of having to deal with software that only does half the job.

So we did it properly.

Unlike other data services, we don't just gather and unify the vital data you need. We also provide you with live, automatic data visualisations.

You get all the reporting information you need, live, and brilliantly presented. It saves you hours of work, and you can depend on it.

Unified data

Unify all data streams across your business in one platform

Improved efficiency

Save time and focus on delivering improvement

Clear presentation

Deliver data-driven visuals that enhance your competitiveness and productivity levels.​

Built to scale

Once on Intelligence22 you don't need to worry about upgrading again. Our auto-scale infrastructure looks after it all.​

Unified, scalable, powerful and fast

Website Analytics
Google Sheets
Digital Channel Performance Data
Sales Databases
Offline Media Channel Data
Call Logs
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Social Media Analytics
CSV files
Cloud-based Storage
Support Services
Expert Onboarding
Bespoke Custom Integrations

Intelligence22 allows you to combine all your data sources into a single platform. And then, using our highly intuitive and bespoke data visualisation platform, you can then access multi-channel reports.

We will help to on-board you, set up your data streams, and unify them. And then we offer continual support - but we are sure you will not need much once we have go you up and running. The service is designed to be extremely scalable and flexible to suit your business needs

Designed for everything

Intelligence22 delivers brilliant graphical reports on any modern device.

You can even configure it for wall-mounted displays, where it will produce live streams of the data you need.

Or download as a PDF, for offline presentations


Register an interest

We'll keep you informed about our launch, and contact you via email when its available to try.

What is a Beta Tester?

Intelligence22 is launching soon. We're really confident in our product, but we also want to make sure it does what you need.

So we'd like you to register to test the unfinished product. Give us feedback. Help us to make it perfect for you.

Beta testers are under no obligation, and can opt-out at any time.

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High value data

Give your team high value data within one bespoke platform ​

Expert commentary

Access expert advice and commentary, direct to your portal


Use your own brand colours, in light or dark themes ​​

Any platform

Built to work on desktop, tablet or mobile ​


Offline & online media channel reporting, and custom integration with your data streams (i.e sales, call logs) ​​

Support Services

Email/phone support, monthly reviews, online help guide, and much more.

Cloud backups

Data is backed up and securely stored in our AWS Cloud infrastructure

Clearly presented

Built for the most impactful ways to view data